Alumnae Experience

"Sigma Kappa introduced me to so many amazing women during my college years. Being part of the founding class was an experience I’ll never forget. I can honestly say these women are my friends for life (and future bridesmaids). I am so thankful for this organization and for it making my college years so memorable. I grew so much as a person and came out of my shell. I loved every recruitment, bid day, date party and formal. My sisters were there for me through the toughest time of my life and I can’t thank them enough. I loved college because of this organization. Sigma Kappa was honestly the best decision I ever made."

-Chaveli Solis, Fall '14

"Sigma Kappa came to me as a sign. No, literally. It was a sign propped up outside the UC. It read “Come learn about the NEW sorority at UH” listed under it were different times for info sessions, socials etc. I thought hmm what harm could come from going to an info session and getting free food? It was there I met Karla Leal, also potential new member, (now alumna in McAllen) and I clicked with her instantly. She probably doesn’t realize or know to this day but she was one of the factors that convinced me to come back for the new member process. It was a lengthy process, interviewing with National SK board members and showing them what I could bring to a new sorority. Sure enough I made it in and found a whole support of sisters I never knew I could’ve had! I’m the youngest of 3 girls, my older sisters at least 5 years older than me, so I was glad I had more girls closer in my age to relate to.  It was SK that brought me my best friends, eventually bridesmaids—And brought me my most best friend, Daniel. If it weren’t for SK I wouldn’t have opened up to meet new people. I’m glad I saw the sign and followed it."

-Regina Rojas, Fall '14

"My college experience was so much better than it could have been because I got involved in greek life. I loved my time as a collegiate woman in Sigma Kappa. It was even more special because I am a founding member of the Lambda Delta chapter! I developed leadership skills by holding multiple positions, learned the importance of networking with the Houston alumnae chapter and gained so many friendships that have carried on outside of college. My favorite collegiate memories are the bid day in Fall '16 and gaining my little. She means the world to me and we are still very close. Sigma Kappa was overall such a wonderful experience in college and it has continued to be great as an alumna of the organization. I still love giving back to the chapter and volunteering when I can. I am also the Young Alum Coordinator for the Houston Alumnae chapter. It's true what they say, Sigma Kappa isn't 4 years, it's for life!"

-Kirstyn Speich, Fall '14

"Sigma Kappa definitely gave me some of my fondest memories from college. I joined Sigma Kappa as a junior during my undergraduate career. I was one of the few girls who actually went through the formal recruitment process and ended up dropping because I met Gabi, our wonderful leadership consultant at the time and she convinced me to join Sigma Kappa in order to be a part of the start of a new sorority on campus.  Joining Sigma Kappa was one of the best choices throughout my college experience as I was able to meet some incredible women and some of my closest friends. As I look back at my undergraduate career I am very thankful I decided to join Sigma Kappa and be surrounded by great examples of leadership, dedication, and perseverance during my last two years of college. I am now an optometry student at UHCO and will always carry Sigma Kappa's four values of personal growth, friendship, service, and loyalty in my future career as a Doctor of Optometry." 

-Brittney Jimenez, Fall '14