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What is Primary Recruitment?

Primary recruitment, formally known as “Formal” Recruitment, is the organized 5 day process that women interested in joining a sorority sign up for through Panhellenic. It is during the fall semester each year, usually held at UH. However, given the circumstances surrounding Covid-19, this year Formal Recruitment is going 100% virtual!

How does recruitment work?

Primary Recruitment lasts 5 days and includes 3 recruitment “rounds” with Bid Day on the last day. This year, Round 1 (Sisterhood) will be September 17th -18th. Each woman going through recruitment will  visit all 7 sororities between these days. Round 2, Philanthropy Round, will take place on Saturday, September 19th and each woman will return back to up to 5 sororities. Sunday, September 20th is Preference Round (Pref/Round 3), where each woman will return to up to 2 sororities. Monday the 21st will be Bid Day and the conclusion of Primary Recruitment! During each round you will get to talk to sisters from the chapters you visit and through a process of mutual selection, you will find the sisterhood that best suits you.


What can I expect and what do I wear?

For the Fall 2021 semester, Primary Recruitment will be held in a hybrid format. Sisterhood Rounds and Philanthropy Round will be held on Zoom to ensure the health and safety of all of our Potential New Members as well as our current members. Preference Round and Bid Day will be held in person. For more information on what to expect as well as outfit advice list this link: 

this link:


Can I still join a sorority without going through Primary Recruitment?

Yes! Many sororities also choose to recruit after Primary Recruitment is over or in the spring semesters. For FAQs about Continuous Open Bidding, visit this link:


What is a legacy?

A woman whose sister, mother, grandmother or aunt is or was a Sigma Kappa! Being a legacy does not guarantee membership to a sorority. Legacy status may be disclosed on the recruitment application.

What should I talk about during recruitment?

It’s important to be yourself and let the people you meet know your true colors! It’s great to talk about your interests, accomplishments and goals/future plans so the women you talk to get the best understanding of who you are and what you may bring to their sisterhood. Try thinking of a few topics about yourself you might want to bring up in conversation before recruitment starts.


Can upperclassmen go through recruitment?

Absolutely! Almost 50% of women going through recruitment in past years were upperclassmen (sophomore or higher).


Where can I apply for Primary Recruitment?

Click on this link to apply!


How much does recruitment cost?

Regular Registration:  May 1st - September 9th - $65.00

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