Sigma Kappa

Lambda Delta Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

Dear Potential New Member,

I am so excited that you decided to take the jump and go through the process of formal recruitment. 

In our world today, there is a lot going on, and I want to acknowledge and congratulate you for not only pushing through, but for continuing to commit to new experiences and for being a part of a process that might seem nerve wrecking or uncertain, especially at times like these. 

Looking back on my times as a Potential New Member, I remember the sense of sisterhood, understanding and emphasis on individuality that I felt when meeting some sisters (now Alumni) of Sigma Kappa for the first time. In between the jokes and easy conversations, I fell in love with the values the chapter stood on as well as the causes they advocated for. For me Sigma Kappa was a clear and easy choice, and looking back as I enter my senior year it was one of the best ones I ever made.

I hope that during recruitment, you all find yourself in a similar situation when the time comes, and truly embrace yourself, an open mind and those around you (via Zoom of course). 

Whether your journey leads you to Sigma Kappa or not, welcoming new sisters into the Panhellenic community with love and respect is something we all look forward to during Recruitment! 



Isabela Rosales

Vice President of Membership 2020


Visit to register for formal fall recruitment at the University of Houston- Main Campus!

If you have any questions about recruitment, want to learn more about our chapter, you can email or DM @UHSigmaKappa for a chat!